Trendspotting: positive attitudes mean more purchases
March 10, 2016

In a recent study, researchers found that a positive attitude toward healthy eating is associated with a healthier diet that includes more servings of fruits and vegetables. The study found that, compared to consumers with a neutral or negative attitude:Trendspotting1-320x306

•    the daily intake of fruits and vegetables is about 1.13 servings higher among those with a somewhat positive attitude; and

•    2.25 servings higher among those with a highly positive attitude.

So what does this mean for the USHBC? The findings indicate that the Council needs to motivate consumers in a way that makes them feel positive about their diet and making healthier choices. In 2016, the Blueberry Council is: 

•    Partnering with hundreds of health professionals to position blueberries as a simple and smart addition to meals

•    Providing dietitians with research, materials and recipes to create positive attitudes among their clients about adding more blueberries to their diets

•    Debuting a revamped Retail Dietician Toolkit with updated research, materials and recipes for health professionals to share with their clients

•    Helping consumers make “Little Changes” for a healthier lifestyle

These findings will continue to drive our promotional strategy as new research becomes available in 2016. Visit often for details on our promotional successes.