Free cupcakes ease the blues
August 26, 2015

To kick off a year of Centennial celebrations, the Blueberry Council said #HappyBdayBlueberries with a cupcake truck takeover in partnership with the popular Curbside Cupcakes in Washington, D.C. More than 700 blueberry fans lined up to celebrate with free cupcakes, choosing from Blueberry Cobbler, Blueberry Lemonade and It Takes Blue to Mango flavors.Curbside-Cupcakes-320x213

This event, which aligned with the growing trend of consumers’ love of food trucks, helped educate fans about the Centennial year and enabled the Council to connect one-on-one with hundreds of consumers, who were encouraged to post on social media about their experience using #HappyBdayBlueberries. Fans were eager to share their love for blueberries, and were encouraged to continue the celebration by sharing more blueberry-infused photos with their friends and family throughout the month of July.

The event was rewarding for Curbside Cupcakes as well, which has continued to use the flavors developed for the event, after seeing fans line up around the block to try these unique and delicious combinations.

Photo credit: Tyler Darden Photography