Special Fruit start own organic blueberry season
May 27, 2015

Today Special Fruit starts their own organically produced blueberry season in Portugal. In 2012 the company heavily invested in a collaboration with a producer who grows, among other crops, organic blueberries. The company, Mirtisul, is located in the Alentejo region. This region has the ideal climate for growing berries. Bessen

Blueberries are the perfect combination of great taste and superb health benefits. Research shows that the organic version also contains an extra dose of fructose, which only enriches the flavor of the organic berry.

Special Fruit believes in the development of the organic sector and sees this as a great complement to their assortment. "The organic product is not only healthier for the body, but also better for the environment."

Currently, the organic supply of blueberries consists of various varieties such as Sharp Blue, Misty, O'Neal, Georgia Gem and Star. The goal is to further expand this assortment's availability and product type.

The season runs from now until mid-June with a total volume of 140 tons. The peak occurs around week 23 - week 25. There are different types of packaging available upon request. For these berries a special 'BerryFresh' label was developed that stresses the positive properties of the organic berry and makes it more recognizable for the conscious consumer. The 'BIOgarantie' (guaranteed organic) logo is also included on the label. The berries are also GlobalGAP certified.


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