Peru: Blueberry shipments grew 60% in 2014
February 25, 2015

According to the Centre for Foreign Trade (CCEX) of the Chamber of Commerce of Lima (CCL), blueberry exports in 2014 increased by 60% when compared to 2013.blues15

The business association highlighted the dynamism of these exports as they totalled US $27.8 million. The blueberries export volume increased by 73%, and amounted to 2,600 tonnes.

Carlos Garcia, manager of CCEX, said the main target market was the United States with purchases worth $11.4 million, i.e. 41% of all blueberry exports.

"We also had other major destinations such as the Netherlands, with purchases worth $6.7 million and 24% of the market share; followed by Hong Kong with $5.9 million and a 21%," he said.

He stressed that the growth of exports of blueberries was also due to the opening of new markets, such as Indonesia, Thailand and Russia.

The US has become the largest importer of blueberries in the world with purchases worth $676 million. This country acquires blueberries from markets such as Chile, from which they bought $317 million dollars; Canada ($160 million), Argentina ($94 million), Mexico ($79 million) and Peru ($11.4 million).

"It is known that US consumption is due to the high nutritional value of blueberries, as they are a source of vitamin A and C, which creates a large window of opportunity for our producers and exporters to increase crops," he said.

Currently the production areas are: La Libertad, Lima, Piura, Ancash, Ica y Cajamarca.

Among the organizations that have promoted the cultivation and export of blueberries are Sierra Exportadora, which developed the supply chain's directory in 2014, via the Peru Berries Program, and is articulating the supply of blueberries in the regions of Ancash and Lima.

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