Argentina to showcase blues in China
November 27, 2014

The Argentine Blueberry Committee has sent its first blueberry samples to China, where they will on display at the China World Fruit and Vegetable Trade Fair.blues8

According to the ABC, Chinese plant health authority Aqsiq granted special permission for a 12kg consignment to be imported and presented at the trade fair, which takes place in Beijing on 14-16 November.

The association said the event provides an excellent opportunity to make contact with potential clients ahead of the anticipated opening of the Chinese market to Argentine blueberry imports, which is expected to take before the end of 2015.

Argentine blueberry exports for 2014 were forecast to reach 17,000 tonnes at the outset of the season but ABC said it has revised this figure downwards by 10 per cent following a series of adverse climatic events in Salta, Entre Rios and Concordia last month. This also means that the volume of fruit that will be sent for processing is higher than expected. By the end of October (week 44), Argentina had exported 10,682 tonnes of fresh blueberries, with volumes peaking in week 43 at 2,714 tonnes. ABC noted that there had bee a smooth movement in the markets and normal stock rotation thanks to adequate planning and promotions.

Total shipments for the season are forecast to reach 15,500 tonnes, of which 60 per cent will go to the US, 31 per cent to Europe, 4.5 per cent to Canada and 3.4 per cent to Asia and other markets.

ABC president Carlos Stabile said that given the excellent quality of the crop in Entre Rios-Concordia, low stocks and stable volumes expected out of Argentina and Chile in the weeks ahead, he expected to see an upturn in prices towards the end of November.