Berries Paradise

Berries Paradise


We are a mexican company established in 2008, as a result of bringing together efforts and resources from Mexican and Chilean partners.

Berries Paradise produces and sells blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries of the highest quality. Our berries are produced mainly in our own fields, in order to have better control over the whole production process.

We have over 400 hectares of our own crops which allowed us to offer more than one million 2.04 kg boxes for the 12/13 season, beginning at mid-September and finishing around June. Our production is distributed in blackberry (30%), blueberry (50%) and raspberry (20%).

Berries Paradise has located their crops in Jalisco, Michoacán and Colima (Mexico).  The soil where we are located is nourished by a mild climate that allows us to grow and harvest almost all year long.

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Contact Information:

Fernando Retolaza, Commercial Area

Amry Capistran, Logistics & Sales

María Luisa González, Marketing & Sales