Peru’s blueberry exports rose to US$8.8mn in Jan-Nov 2013
December 26, 2013
Blueberry exports from Peru between January and November this year (fresh and frozen) totaled US$ 8,8 million, according to the CEO of Sierra Exportadora, Alfonso Velasquez Tuesta. He indicated that the main destination countries for this product were the United States, with US$3,8 million; Hong Kong, with US$ 1,7 million; the Netherlands with US$1,6 million and the United Kingdom, with US$961,158. There were also exports to Belgium for $354,365, Spain, $195,398, and other countries for $ 146,590. He also said that shipments of fresh and frozen strawberries had amounted to US$9,8 million in the same period of time (January-November 2013). Last year, strawberry exports reached US$ 11,4 million. Velasquez Tuesta presented these figures at the opening of the Third International Berries Seminar, held by Sierra Export (SIEX) last Thursday in Lima, reported. In this context, he noted that currently there are 700 acres of blueberries in Peru, which would increase to 1000 acres in 2014, 1500 in 2015 and about 2,500 acres in 2016. The acreage would stabilize between 2018 and 2040 at 4,000 acres of blueberries. In this regard, he highlighted Sierra Exportadora's Peru Berries Programme, which promotes the production of these fruits, as well as the demonstration blueberry plots that the company helped install in Pichupampa and Colca Pampa (located in the province of Huaura, Lima). Andina