Argentine blueberries shipping via American Airlines
December 26, 2013

American Airlines Cargo is bringing in blueberries from Argentina to several U.S. cities this season.

American Airlines Cargo flights leave Argentina for the U.S. five to seven times a day, according to a news release. Planes land in Miami, San Francisco, New York and other major cities.

Given the distance and the perishability of blueberries, air freight from Argentina is a viable option for importers of South American blueberries, according to the release.

At Miami International Airport, American’s AA Cool Perishables program provides pre-cooling, confirmed cooler space and expedited U.S. Department of Agriculture and U.S. Customs clearances for fresh shipments on-site, according to American Airlines Cargo’s website.

The program provides two pre-coolers, container handling systems, an integrated clearing procedure and a simplified schedule of charges.

In addition, the company’s FlightSafe Tracking system provides tracking for time-critical, high-value and temperature-sensitive shipments using GPS and sensor tracking.

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