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AB Packing

A&B Packing Equipment was founded in 1995 in the Southwest Michigan town of Hartford. The Williamson family set out to find packing equipment to pack their own blueberries. When they could not find what they were seeking, they went with the principle “if you can’t find the right tool for the job, you might as well make it yourself”. As blueberry growers themselves for years, the Williamson family realized that other farmers would be having similar issues in finding quality equipment built in the U.S.A. for a reasonable price. Bob and Pam Williamson knew the challenges of getting product from field to market. With that knowledge, Bob and Pam went from small-scale farmers to owners of A&B Packing Equipment—overnight. They realized that to become successful—and not be a one-hit-wonder—they had to have the best products and flexibility to meet customer needs, along with unbeatable customer service.

Several patents later—along with a fleet of award-winning equipment and recognition from the SBA of Michigan—A&B accepted with honor the Agricultural Innovation of the Year in 1998 and has continued in that tradition of innovative equipment for over a decade. A&B’s technical and marketing innovations produced one of their greatest successes in 2007; the company introduced the Speedy Accu-Fill System, which was a revolutionary weigh & fill machine for blueberry and tomato growers. This machine is the one that put A&B on the map as the choice for the greatest manufacturer of fresh-pack blueberry equipment in the world. With its speed and accuracy, the “Speedy” quickly became synonymous with accuracy and cost savings. The “Speedy” can save customers tens of thousands of dollars each, because A&B’s does not give as much product away in each cup.

This season, A&B has taken the same principles of quality, reliability, speed, accuracy and gentleness to a whole new level with the introduction of the Evolution. The Evolution has the speeds of a volume-fill packing machine with the accuracy of a weigh & fill machine. The Evolution also comes in four models, which allows the customer to get the right piece of equipment to meet their needs. The Evolution can support just about any size farm or packing facility. The design is also versatile and gentle enough to run cherries, small varieties of potatoes, nuts and other berries.

A&B Packing’s success comes from the dedication of its employees along with real world knowledge from a farming family. Feedback from current customers about future needs and concerns keeps A&B developing cutting-edge machines to fill customer demands. This allows A&B Packing Equipment to continue to bring the next innovation to the post-harvest packing industry while keeping in mind the ever rising concerns of food safety and customer satisfaction, along with any future demands that may come next. A&B Packing Equipment is small enough to know you by name but large enough to supply you with custom equipment to meet all your packing needs.


 Michael Williamson

President of Sales