Rains impact Chilean blueberry exports
December 24, 2012

Export figures for week 50 fall after precipitation in some growing regions

The Chilean Blueberry Committee has released its latest crop report, announcing that recent rain has had a bigger than expected impact on export volume.

In total, 5,401 tonnes were exported during week 50 compared with the 6,200 tonnes projected, a figure that was already an adjustment for harvest delays.

Parting damages, soft fruit and mould were the orders of the day last weekend after 36mm of rain was registered in the south of the VII region, with 24mm in the south of the VIII region.

"At this moment orchards are already recovering from the damages, however the weather forecast for next week (51) is not encouraging either, with rain predicted between Monday and Wednesday from the VII region to the south, where the biggest harvest volumes are
concentrated," The Committee revealed.

Source: Fruitnet