Blueberries New Zealand Inc. – New Zealand

Blueberries New Zealand Inc. (BBNZ) is the recognized product group representing the blueberry industry in New Zealand . BBNZ has the role of furthering the interests of all blueberry industry participants. Objectives of BBNZ include promotion of the orderly development of the blueberry industry, promotion of blueberries both within New Zealand and overseas, compliance with the Commodity Levies Act 1990 and the Commodity Levies (Blueberries) Order 2001 and co-ordination of a research and development program for the industry.

The blueberry industry has been established for over two decades in New Zealand and is currently in a phase of growth. This growth has been particularly encouraged by positive claims about the health benefits of blueberries.

Currently there are approximately 90 grower members, 16 exporter members and 6 associate members. There is around 400 hectares planted or being planted in blueberries at present. Traditionally most of the plantings have occurred in the upper North Island, however large areas are being planted in the South Island.

BBNZ, through BBNZ Propagators, own the rights to the New Zealand varieties - Puru, Nui, Reka, Maru, Rahi, Ono and Island Blue. BBNZ also have a signed agreement with Hort Research which determines the release and distribution of other new varieties from the breeding program.

BBNZ is directed by its chairperson, Don Peach.