Aneberries A.C. – Mexico

Aneberries represents Mexico’s berry growing sector, including not only blueberries but also strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. Founded in 2009, the mission of Aneberries is to unite berry exporters in the country and create a dialogue among the industry.

The Aneberries office is in Guadalajara, and as an association it started with 15 members in 2010. Among the association’s top priorities: create dialogue among the industry, especially in terms of phytosanitary and food safety issues that the industry faces.

While Mexico’s blueberry industry is incipient, it’s an area of great potential for the fresh fruit industry. In fact blueberries have been grown in Mexico for over 10 years, especially in the Jaliesco region.

Aneberries looks to take advantage of its adjacent position to the largest consumer of blueberries, the United States, to bolster the local industry. Europe and Asia are also of interest of the association, as the country can take advantage of a possible nine month long growing window across the country to supply these markets.

Currently Aneberries is working with industry partners to expand on its growing portfolio. The most common variety today is Biloxi, and association officials believe there is an opportunity to grow focusing on quality.

The April/May production window, which falls in between production cycles in North and South America, is where industry experts believe Mexico’s blueberry association has the largest opportunity.

Another area of interest for the industry is expanding Mexico’s domestic consumption of blueberries, building on its status as a culinary leader in the Americas.

Currently Aneberries is headed by its President, Mario Steta.