US: Pink Lemonade, the new blueberry variety
November 30, 2012

At the ARS in Chatsworth, New Jersey, Ehlenfeldt has developed, or has helped develop, a dozen new blueberry varieties, including Pink Lemonade.

Pink Lemonade is not the first blueberry bush producing pink-coloured fruits, but it is probably the most popular blueberry of this sort in the US. In 1991, Ehlenfeldt chose the patterns used to develop Pink Lemonade. The results of the tests conducted in New Jersey and the evaluations by Chad Finn, from the ARS in Corvallis, Oregon, led to the official release of this blueberry as a numbered selection (ARS 96-138) in 2005 and with the name Pink Lemonade in 2007.

Another noteworthy type of blueberry produced under the Chatsworth program is Razz, which possesses the flavour of raspberries. Razz was developed in 1934 by Frederick W. Coville, who was the first creator of new blueberry varieties at the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and was selected as object study for further USDA and University research during the next decade. Originally considered too strange, Razz was finally re-discovered, tasted once again and officially released in 2011.

Some blueberry connoisseurs consider Cara's Choice the tastiest blueberry there is. Ehlenfeldt says that this plant produces a very sweet, medium size berry, with a pleasant aroma. Berries can be left on the plant several weeks after ripening. The berries continue accumulating sugar and make it possible for the harvest period to be stretched out.

Source: ARS