NUOVA PASQUINI E BINI S.p.A. is an Italian company producing articles for plants nursery and home gardening with more than 50 years of experience in the plastic moulding sector. The new management has been operating since 1998 with increasing attention to the needs of the Italian and international nursery market, exporting over 70% of its production to the five continents in over 70 countries worldwide.
The production department stretches for 7.000 square meters, with a stocking capacity of 75.000 square meters, to guarantee immediate availability and the deliveries all around the World.

The production, with low energy consumption, is completely automated and runs on 24 hours turn always using the most modern updated technologies available on the market. The exclusive choice and quality material (free from environmentally harmful components, resistant also in those climatic conditions with considerable temperature variations on the same day) aims to perfect and optimize the cultivation of plants in containers.

Nuova Pasquini and Bini through years of research, has created specific pots for the cultivation of blueberries, the most important of which is the ERACLE POTS.

ERACLE’s design ensures the right oxygenation to the root system and avoids water excesses, main cause of the rotting of the roots, that on its turn, favors the formation of an unhealthy environment for the plant.

The bottom of the pot remains distant from the ground allowing the plant to "breathe" and facilitating the drainage of water through the numerous drain holes.
Using the right substrate, the water dosage will always be optimal. The introflections of the walls favor growth and a correct expansion of the roots with an anti-rooting action.

The material used (post-consumer regenerated black polyethylene) gives elasticity to the pot and guarantees long life.

We sell our pots in the world speaking only one language, the one of quality.

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