North American Blueberry Council – US
The NABC informs, advocates for and brings together a powerful membership of growers, fruit brokers, processors, food manufacturers, and others connected to the blueberry industry. Together, we navigate the opportunities and challenges of today so we can better plan for the future.
We work for our members by:
  • Eliminating trade barriers to ensure competitive global market access
  • Managing and communicating key issues
  • Delivering data such as seasonal crop reports, monthly cold storage figures and yearly production data
  • Supporting good industry practices by providing members with relevant education and information
  • Representing the industry when critical issues arise
Our mission is to encourage cooperation among the international blueberry community, providing members with timely, relevant market information and acting as an advocate for the North American highbush blueberry industry in legislative and regulatory concerns.
Our vision is to serve as a recognized leader and trusted partner in addressing issues, opportunities and industry practices that drive success and profitability in the production and distribution of blueberries in North America and around the world. The NABC is led by its president, Kasey Cronquist.