Mjedra e Kosoves

'Mjedra e Kosovës' was initially established in 2015 in the capital of Prishtina as a national association of small regional associations which are essentially producer organizations. In this way the association can be styled an “inter-professional” association. Additionally, 'Mjedra e Kosovës' has as members the principal collectors, processors and exporters of raspberry, blueberry and strawberry. In this way the association can be described as a commodity association – representing the soft fruit sector in Kosovo.

The combination of these two-membership basis means that 'Mjedra e Kosovës' is a hybrid association and can be styled as a commodity or value chain association, in that it represents or can represent all industry players from producer to exporter as well as potentially, tangential industries.

Currently there are 1400 hectares of cultivated raspberry and 150 hectares with blueberries throughout Kosovo.

Contact Information:
National Raspberry Association ‘Mjedra e Kosovës’
Address: Nazmi Mustafa no 35 . Lagja Pejton, Prishtinë, Kosovë
Web: www.raspberrykosovo.com
Email: info@mjedraekosoves.com
Cell: +383 44 310039