Welcome to MerryBerry - The largest plantation of bio blueberry bushes from Romania!
Here we combine the beauty of the place with our passion and skill for ecologic agriculture.

MerryBerry Farm is located in an area of a remarkable picturesque from Romania, away from the agitation of the big cities, in Mija Village from Dambovita County. Located in the vicinity of the Carpathians, surrounded by the forest, the plantation meets all the necessary conditions for a quality ecologic culture.

The area is 115 ha, this being the largest plantation of Bio blueberry bushes from Romania. We estimate the reaching of an annual harvest on maturity of 1500 tons in 2024. The land was not treated with chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and the water sources are our own, clean, deep. The entire production is bio, the fruit are obtained by methods that do not harm the environment and that keep unaltered all the native characteristics of plants.

The cultivation of blueberries has a long tradition in Romania, the first plantation being set up 50 years ago.
Our specialists have chosen for Merryberry the best breeds of blueberry bushes, with sweet fruit, that have acclimatized and proven a maximum productivity.

MerryBerry - excellence of blueberries from South-Eastern Europe.


Radu Niculescu
Sales Director

Mobile: +4 0722.653.228

Office Address: Sat Mija, Comuna IL Caragiale, Str. Fermei, Nr.700, Judet Dambovita, Romania, 137257
Farm Address Sat Mija, Comuna IL Caragiale, pct. Ferma, Nr. cadastral 71452-C2, Judet Dambovita, Romania, 137257”

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