Legro is family business which specialises in growing media for professional soft fruit growers, tree nurseries, mushroom farms and young plant growers. The company is now managed by the fourth generation. We process and mix raw materials to create optimum substrates which are customised to meet the specific needs of the grower. Our philosophy is to manage the entire supply chain. We therefore have our own peat fields (with a total area of around 3000 ha) in the Baltic States, peat terminal, transport company and production facilities. This guarantees a reliable substrate which always responds in the same way.

In recent years, Legro has conducted extensive research into the optimum blueberry substrate at the Blueberry Innovation Centre Holland (BICH). Trials have also taken place in collaboration with Fall Creek Nurseries in the USA and the Let’s grow Blueberry Trial Centre in the Netherlands. Our aim was to develop a substrate and cultivation method which could be used to grow blueberries for a minimum of six to eight years. We have now achieved this aim. In 2011 Legro introduced the CP Optima substrates: substrates specifically developed for blueberry cultivation which feature an airy structure, a fine-meshed root network and good drainage. Specialist substrates are available for the growing and production stages.

What began as a trial has now become a success story: Legro blueberry substrates have really made a name for themselves in recent years. The CP Optima versions have been awarded the RHP quality mark and the OMRI Listed certificate, making the product suitable for the American organic market. Hundreds of hectares of blueberry fields in South Africa, the USA and Europe have already been planted with our substrate. Interested? Please contact us, so we can tell you all about our substrates and discuss the best blend for your crop.

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