IBO Summit 2017
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AGENDA - 2017 IBO Summit : China
DRAFT as at 11th August 2017 - subject to change
Date Topic Time Content Speaker
Sep, 11th AM Exhibition 8:00-8:20 Plateau Characteristic Agriculture Exhibition
Openning 8:30-8:35 VCR+Host Opening Professional Moderator
VIP Guest 8:35-9:05 VIP - Local Government Speeches Government Representatives
9:05-9:10 Welcome Speech from IBO Chairman Peter McPherson
Industry Report 9:10-9:40 Global Blueberry Industry Report Peter McPherson and Cort Brazelton
9:40-10:00 China Blueberry Industry Report Dr.Li Yadong
Signing ceremony 10:00-10:10 Launch Ceremony of Blueberry Capital in Qujing TBC
Tea Break 10:10-10:30 Tea Break & Exhibition (LOCATION: Conference Hall)
Industry Report 10:30-10:45 Promoting China Blueberry Industry Development by Share-Value Strategy Mr.Chen Shaopeng OR Zhang Jian
10:45-11:00 Yunnan Province Blueberry Development Oppty Report Local Government Representative
Country Report 11:00-11:15 Spain Industry Report Mr Holger Brandt
Executive Forum 11:15-12:15 Global and China Blueberry Industry Cooperation and Future Development Moderator - Jerome Chen
Dr.Li Yadong
Mr. Nicolas Moller
Mr. Cort Brazelton
Mr. Zhang Jian
Mr. Jae Chun
Lunch & Exhibition 12:15-14:00

Lunch & Exhibition

Side Event 12:15-12:45 Media Conference with Government Representatives and IBO Chairman

Sep,11th, PM Sub-forum 1
Global and China Blueberry Industry Trend
Sub-forum 2
Technology, Practice & Experience Sharing
14:00-15:00 Global Blueberry Business Movement-Felipe Juillerat 14:00-15:00 Innovative Breeding Program and New Variety Development for Blueberry Industry-DR. Pilar Banadors
Innovation of Blueberry Packing and Equipment-Mr Greg Furniss
New Plantation Impact the Blueberry Production and Industry-
Mr George Jessett
Global Blueberry Marketing and Branding
15:00-15:20 Q&A for Session 1 15:00-15:20 Q&A for Session 1
15:20-15:50 Tea Break & Exhibition 15:20-15:50 Tea Break & Exhibition
15:50-16:50 Blueberry Sales in E-commerce -Zhang Wei 15:50-16:50 Development of Organic Blueberry in China- Liu Yuenian
Blueberry Sales in Supermarkets-Yonghui Superstores Pest Control - Yang Weiqiang
Blueberry Sales in O2O New Retail -Hema Fresh Production of Blueberry Nursery - Qiao Guoping
16:50-17:10 Q&A for Session 2 16:50-17:10 Q&A for Session 2
17:10-17:15 Closing 17:10-17:15 Closing
Sep,11th, Evening Awarding Ceremony 19:00-22:00 Night of Blueberry
Sep,12th AM Keynote Speech 9:00-9:20 Analysis on Import Trend of Chinese Fruit in Recent Years Chao Junwen
9:20-9:40 The Introduction of China Import Inspection and Quarantine Process AQSIQ Representative-TBC
Panel 9:40-10:20 China Market Access Practice Panel Discussion Moderator-AQSIQ Representative-TBC
Chile - Mr Felipe Juillerat
Canada - Ms Anju Gill
Argentina - Mr Carlos Stabile
Australia - Mr Peter McPherson
Q&A 10:20-10:50 Q&A on Morning Session
Closing 10:50:11:00 Closing Peter McPherson and Chairman of CBA
Break 11:00-11:30 Tea Break & Exhibition
Sep,12th PM Field Trip 14:00-18:00 Field Trip

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