Cocogreen is a global leader in plant-growth substrates, renowned worldwide for its extensive range of environmentally friendly alternatives to peat-based growth mediums for the horticulture, agriculture, and pharmaceutical markets. The company has worked hard to set the global benchmark in quality, investing in proprietary products and technologies that elevate its offer far beyond that of its competitors. As part of the company’s continued growth, it has secured several reputable certifications and industry awards that further validate its commitment to excellence.
“Cocogreen is the first and only growing media and coconut coir substrate producer that has been externally recognised for its quality, social, ecological and environmental assurance – delivering traceability from beginning to end.”
Thanks to extensive investment in product development, state-of-the-art facilities, a talented team, and a capable distributor network, Cocogreen has built a strong, loyal customer base in key geographies around the world.
Setting the company apart from its competitors, Cocogreen has developed a number of proprietary technologies incorporated into our product range to support early crop growth, improve yields and protect the environment.