BVB Substrates

At BVB Substrates, our focus is on enhancing the growth and yield of blueberry crops worldwide through decades of dedicated research, business expertise, and proven results.

Our Blueberry substrates are meticulously crafted to meet the precise requirements of growers. Our team of Sales Advisors is equipped to recommend optimal solutions tailored to factors such as crop demands, water quality, cultivation techniques, irrigation methods, grower preferences, and sustainability standards.

Since the nineties, we have been pioneers in the development and production of blueberry substrates. Beginning with peat-based formulations and later incorporating Pinus bark, our journey culminated in the introduction of peat-coir-perlite mixtures in 2008. This blend has since become the global benchmark for professional container-based blueberry production.

Key Highlights:

  • Our substrates have demonstrated exceptional longevity, with some pots maintaining stable growing media for over 12 years, showcasing enduring performance and reliability.
  • Leveraging extensive knowledge of innovative raw materials, we optimize air content and water availability throughout the crop cycle, promoting robust root development and accelerated growth.
  • Our substrates boast superior porosity, ensuring consistent oxygen supply to roots while maintaining high water retention, facilitating the rapid establishment of vigorous root systems.

Innovation is at the heart of our mission. We continually strive to reduce the environmental footprint of our blueberry substrates while enhancing technical performance. Our latest breakthrough, the Accretio raw material, offers unparalleled benefits. With its finely structured composition, it provides an optimal environment for blueberry root development, combining ease of use, structural stability, and enhanced water retention. The result is a substrate that fosters rapid root growth and sustained plant vitality.

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