BerryCo brandmarkEmbarking on a ground-breaking journey, BerryCo. aims to innovate the New Zealand berryfruit industry and market the fruit produced through collaborative efforts with expert growers.

Its aim is to lead from the front in technical excellence, the development of superior varieties as well as global marketing and logistics.

The visionaries behind this new joint venture are Southern Produce, based in Te Puna near Tauranga, New Zealand, and Valleyfresh, located in Australia. Both companies are recognised as global leaders in the supply of fresh fruit and vegetables.

BerryCo. has acquired the intellectual property rights to a range of blueberry species from Mountain Blue Orchards, a world-renowned, long-established and innovative enterprise in Australia.

Selected for their suitability to warmer climates, such as those found in the Bay of Plenty, these species are second-to-none when it comes to flavour, early-to-market large size, firmness, crispness, evergreen foliage and vigorous growth.

BerryCo. is convinced this will prove the catalyst in allowing New Zealand to compete on the berryfruit world stage. It will open the door by producing these species locally and then exporting them to Australia and South East Asia.

Supported by BerryCo, it’s now possible for New Zealand growers to enjoy the benefits of a vibrant and sustainable berryfruit industry unlike anything they’ve experienced before.

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