African Blue
African Blue is a leading supplier of premium blueberries for European markets, with farms in the coastal region of Moulay Bousselham and in Agadir in the south of Morocco.

African Blue was established in 2007, originally as a joint venture between Costa Group Pty Ltd, Moroccan Partners Avi Weizman & Abdelatif Bennani, and Total Produce in the UK.


It is now majority owned by Costa Group, Australia’s leading grower and marketer of fresh fruit and vegetables.


Costa’s blueberry selection and breeding program has been running for more than 30 years and underpins our farming operations. The Costa varieties, which are in high demand around the world, have found a perfect home in Morocco.


In the coastal region of Moulay Bousselham, known for its ideal climate and soil, blueberries have been a welcome addition to an area well known for strawberry production. The quality and taste of our varieties from Morocco is truly outstanding.


Our production footprint covers 345 hectares and 120 hectares through specially selected third-party growers. Expansion plans will take production to more than 650 hectares by 2023.


With production extended to Agadir in the south of Morocco, African Blue supplies berries November through to June. With additional plantings in South Africa and Zimbabwe we continue the offer on a year-round basis.


This ensures we can provide our customers in the United Kingdom and Europe with a 52-week supply of premium product.



Lotissement Belle Vue BP n°1 Moulay Bousselham 10078, 14302 Kenitra - Maroc

+212 53990 0900