Morocco breaks all records with blueberries in Spain
January 24, 2024

Neither melon nor watermelon. The blueberry is the fruit that Morocco sells the most to Spain and, apparently, it is also one of the most exported to Southeast Asia, where it has managed to establish itself as one of the main suppliers of the fruit in the region. The increase in the income of the middle class and the influence of tourists, who introduce their consumption habits, could explain this boom.

During the first eleven months of 2023, Morocco exported a staggering 1.400 tons of fresh blueberries to the Southeast Asia (excluding Vietnam), which represents an increase of 50% compared to the entire year 2022. All, without the peak of exports having yet arrived, which usually begins in December, so the final results of 2023 may still be more impressive.

Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia are the destinations that receive 96% of exports. In addition to Southeast Asia, other markets to which Morocco exports blueberries have also experienced an increase in exports, such as Thailand, which with 30 tons almost tripled its imports and Macau, with a growth of 3 tons.

On the other hand, Moroccan blueberries have expanded their presence to Indonesia, a market in which they have debuted with a 720 kg test batch. In addition to Morocco, countries such as Australia, Zimbabwe and China also recorded notable growth in their blueberry exports to Southeast Asia in 2023. Zimbabwe, which surpassed Morocco's growth rate, reached an impressive 1.500 tonnes.

IMF projections indicate that economic development rates in Southeast Asia will be second only to those of India and China in 2023-2024, further supporting the growth of fresh berry consumption in the area. Morocco, with its outstanding contribution, has emerged as a key player in this flourishing market.