Argentinian blueberry exports drop 25%
January 3, 2024

Argentina exported 6,400 tons of blueberries this season, a 25% decrease from the 8,500 tons exported last season.

Jorge Pazos, secretary of the Argentine Blueberry Committee (ABC) spoke with about the season, and the challenges faced by the sector.

Pazos says that " it was a satisfactory season in terms of prices. Looking for the balance of oversupply in the markets, especially when Peru moves forward with so much volume, what it does is that buyers or intermediaries in the purchase, seek to regulate a price downwards. Less volume in the market increased profitability for Argentinian growers this season."


ABC's latest report shows the market with the highest growth was the UK with an increase of 1,880%, followed by Canada with 255% more than the previous year, then the United States with a growth of 114%, and the EU with 4%. The markets that showed a decline were China with a decrease of 35%, and Asia in general had a contraction of 55%.

Regarding the US market, Pazos comments the 40% drop in Peru allowed them to generate a balance in prices, causing better profitability for the producer, which is satisfactory to be able to continue making investments and have sustained growth.

“We have to continue investing in genetics, to have varieties that are highly productive and that are the ones that markets are looking for," says Pazos.

“The horizon of the industry is to work with new varieties, expand our area, and continue exploring niche markets, such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Israel, India, and Brazil," he adds.