New avenue opens for South African blueberries in North America
December 15, 2023

The South African berry industry has expressed its joy at the opening of a new market to South African blueberries.

"We are ecstatic to close off 2023 with the great news that South African blueberries have been granted access to the Canadian market," BerriesZA yesterday announced on social media.

Although Canada is one of the furthest-flung destinations for South African fruit - expensive in air freight and time-consuming to reach by ship - it is yet another option open to blueberry growers.

All of South Africa's production regions can derive benefit from Canadian access.

Imports are subject to an initial trial importation period which involves inspection of 100% of South African blueberries upon arrival in Canada.

"The results of the trial importation period will be reviewed periodically, and it will be considered complete after the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has inspected several consignments throughout the entire shipping season and is satisfied that fresh blueberry fruits from South Africa consistently meet Canada’s phytosanitary import requirements."