Major Uruguayan blueberry producer gets new varieties from Australia’s MBO
July 17, 2020

One of Uruguay's leading blueberry producers, Gamorel S.A., received its first plantings of new Australian-bred varieties this week.

After having signed an agreement with Mountain Blue Orchards to convert plantings to new varieties, Gamorel will begin a varietal reconversion process in its fields in Uruguay.

"We are really excited about having achieved this goal and, while we know it's just the beginning of this process, we are celebrating the start of this reconversion program," detailed Gamorel's General Manager Natalia Baldassari.

"These new genetics will help us position ourselves and export fruit from Uruguay that the markets are demanding. The world has changed and competition is clear, both through companies' costs and also through the final product that arrives to each consumer," she detailed.

As consumers today look for blueberries with "great quality, firmness, flavor, bloom, and long post-harvest life," Gamorel is confident that the new Australian provided varieties will prove successful.

This, according to Commerical Manager Matias Notti, will "provide us the option of having all of our blueberries sold even before they are harvested". "An important thing we're looking forward to are shipments to the Chinese market," he added.