Peruvian blueberry export value rose 50% in 2017
March 9, 2018

Peruvian blueberry exports saw a huge rise in both volume and value last year, along with only a minor decline in per-kilo prices.

Statics from Promperu show export value was up 50% to US$362 million, while volume rose by 53% to 43,000 metric tons (MT). These figures are around four-fold higher than 2015 levels.

Despite the huge year-on-year increase, per-kilo FOB prices only fell 2% to US$8.4, which is also 13% down on 2015.

During last year, exports to the U.S., Peru’s leading blueberry market, rose 25% to 19,000MT, while to the Netherlands they rose 66% to 11,000MT. The third-largest market, the U.K., took 25% more fruit with 5,000MT.

Peru also exported 4,000MT of blueberries to China in its first full year of access, making the country it’s fourth largest market.