Wish Farms adds organic acreage
February 22, 2018

Plant City, Fla.-based Wish Farms has added a 20-acre organic blueberry farm in Alturas, Fla..

The farm, named for Wish Farms’ mascot, Misty the Garden Pixie, is a joint venture that includes Wish Farms executives Gary Wishnatzki, J.C. Clinard and Teddy Koukoulis, according to a news release.

With growing demand for organic blueberries, the farm will help fill market needs after South American blueberry falls off in late February, according to the release.

The organic farm uses high tunnels that provide a greenhouse effect, giving freeze protection, higher growing temperatures and a shield from excessive rain or hail.

“We’re excited to continue innovating as a company,” Wish Farms CEO Wishnatzki said in the release. “Misty Organics is an important piece of the puzzle. By extending the Florida growing season, we can continue providing consumers with high-quality, domestic blueberries.”

Grown in containers, Misty Organics blueberry crop features more than twice the number of plants per acre than a typical blueberry farm, according to the release. The operation utilizes soil moisture sensors and drip irrigation that substantially reduce water usage.

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