Michigan: wild blueberry season begins
July 30, 2017

It's blueberry season in the UP once again.

Because of all the rain this summer, officials say it's already turning out to be a strong harvest.
The DNR met up with us earlier this morning to show us how to find wild blueberries.

Blueberry picking is a summer time tradition that many in the UP have been enjoying for generations, and this year, the harvest is plentiful.

"I have heard from some people that it's been a really good harvest that there's been a lot of place where the berries are larger than typical and of course in years where we don't have a lot of rain, a lot of time so the berries can be just dried up on the bushes," DNR Spokesperson John Pepin

Wild blueberries tend to be smaller than ones bought at the stores, but blueberry connoisseurs say the wild varieties have a bigger flavor.

For people who want test that theory for themselves, they have to know what they need.

"You just basically need get yourself something to put blueberries in and some bug spray is a good thing," Pepin said. "Some sun screen too, because the blueberries are ripe when the suns out and the temperature's hot usually."

The first week of August is considered to be the beginning of blueberry season.

Seeing cars pulled off to the side of the road with people poking around along the tree line, is a good sign there are berries near, but without anyone around, the DNR offers some advice on what to look for.

"A lot of the areas where blueberries are plentiful are areas that are drier and in particular, what they call Jack Pine Barrens," Pepin said.

According to Pepin, they're just referred to as barrens. What you're looking for are dry, sometimes sandy areas, with Jack Pine Trees and ferns.

In areas like that, look along the ground under the trees and the ferns for the little blue gems.