New ready-to-eat blueberry snack packs
June 29, 2015

“About a year ago, we soft launched our new ready-to-eat blueberries. This product continues to be in the testing phase,” says Eric Olshove with North Bay Produce, Inc. “The idea is to create a healthy snack for consumers looking for an alternative to chips and cookies." North_Bay_blueberries_large_II

The product consists of 4 small packages of 1.5 oz. servings of blueberries. Parents can put them in their children's school lunch or easily add to their breakfast without prep work like washing."

“The layout of the packaging has been determined and we have trialed the product with a few retailers and wholesalers,” mentioned Olshove. Their response was positive. “However, we are taking it step by step as we are not geared up yet to supply large volumes. The official launch will be closer to the fall of this year,” commented Olshove.

Packaging of the ready-to-eat-blueberries will take place in Southern Illinois, which is very centrally located. “From there, 85 percent of the North American consumers can be reached within a day,” mentioned Olshove.


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