Chilean-U.S. blueberry season transition smooth in 2015, claims Berry Fresh
April 29, 2015

A U.S.-based subsidiary of two Latin American berry groups is optimistic for this year’s blueberry deal, highlighting “rapid growth” in the domestic market. blueberries_820133l65sq-300x300

Owned by Chile’s Agroberries and Expoberries of Mexico, Berry Fresh has formed new partnerships with growers and packers in Florida and Georgia, complementing existing relationships in California.

As a result, the group expects a “fantastic Spring crop from coast to coast”.

“There wasn’t much of a gap this season between the Chilean and domestic crops, and this has been great for not only our retail partners, but for the American consumer, as well,” Berry Fresh sales director Jyoti Bhogal said in a release.

“So far, the benefit is not only in terms of supply, but also in terms of quality.”

The company has distribution centers in both Los Angeles, California and Gloucester City, New Jersey.

“We are excited about what we are building up and down both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. Teaming up with fantastic farmers who produce a consistent, quality crop of blueberries is part of our innovative and exciting growth plan,” said the company’s Evan Pence.

“We’ve had a solid Southeastern crop, with fantastic size and taste, for the past two weeks, and forecasts have weekly volumes continuing to grow in each production region throughout the Summer peak.”


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