Identity and ownership change for Chilean blueberry company
July 28, 2014

Since the start of June this year, blueberry shipper Alpine Chile has been operating under a new name with branding that is more in line with its export strategies. At, we spoke with Gian Paolo Bassi, managing director and owner of what is now known as Navy Blue Export S.A.Navy-Blue-Export

“The name change is due primarily to the fact our original company, Alpine Chile S.A., started to dedicate greater efforts to develop the markets of Asia and Europe through its commercial management process, and for the same reason it was reducing its presence in the U.S. market,” Bassi said.

He said 86% of exports went to Asia and Europe in the 2013-14 season, with the remainder going to the U.S.

Alpine Chile was established in 2008 by Miami-based importer Alpine Fresh Inc., with the purpose of supplying counterseasonal fresh blueberries to the U.S. market. However, the company’s strategy has drifted away from that original purpose, and after the most recent season Bassi bought the company from the original owners.

The executive added the new name allowed the company to focus on the productive efforts of a few selected growers, in order to meet export programs with Asia and Europe.

“Our efforts to consolidate the Asian market especially, has been achieved thanks to the good behavior of our growers and our own company for the requirements this market needs.”


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