HBF International


HBF International is the newest member of the Hurst's Berry Farm Family.

You may ask, why HBF International? It's very simple: "HBF" which stands for Hurst's Berry Farm recognizes the foundation and the reputation that has been building for over 30 years. "International" recognizes the continued growth of worldwide grower and customer relationships.Owners, Mark and Patty Hurst, welcomed a new partnership with Doug Perkins in 2011 to establish a new sales and packing organization. Hurst's Berry Farm is now the farming entity with farms in Oregon and Mexico.

As HBF International enters the next chapter in the Hurst's Berry Farm book, we want to emphasize our commitment to providing the widest selection of fresh and safe berries from the world's best growers to what we consider the world's best customers. HBF International wants to emphasize our mission: Leadership, loyalty, and excellence in berries from farm to market.