Sun Belle
April 12, 2013
For more than a quarter century Sun Belle has brought the freshest and highest quality fruits and vegetables to consumers. Our particular focus on berries began in 1986 with import of fresh berries from Chile and distributing blackberries grown in the historic Virginia tidewater. Currently Sun Belle grows berries throughout the Americas, including in the United States, to provide consumers uninterrupted supplies of the best tasting berries. In 1992 Sun Belle introduced the first greenhouse grown tomato on the vine to the American market, helping make full flavored red tomatoes available to consumers year round. In the early 2000s Sun Belle championed the Tupy blackberry, committing its farms in Mexico to this sweet and tasty, though tough to grow, variety; the results have been skyrocketing blackberry consumption in the United States, Canada and Europe as consumers return time and again to purchase this full flavored, healthful, high quality and predictably sweet blackberry. In 2007, founder Janice Honigberg identified the beautiful Erika raspberry grown in a test plot in the Italian Alps and brought it to the Americas where it is flourishing in Mexico and soon will be grown in the United States.
From the start Sun Belle has been hands on and close to its customers, with its own sales and distribution centers in the Middle Atlantic, Florida, Illinois and California. Directly shipping fresh produce from farms to these distribution centers – where Sun Belle inspects for quality every flat of produce – means our customers get the freshest produce fast in the best condition possible.


Led by JANICE HONIGBERG, Sun Belle professionals have deep experience growing, shipping, handling, marketing and merchandising fresh commodities. Our seasoned sales staff has had over 100 years experience in fresh produce retailing and food service and is well versed in the challenges of produce merchandising. Multilingual logisticians maintain constant contact with agronomists in the field, pack houses, customs brokers, shipping and trucking lines to ensure seamless shipment from field to Sun Belle and our customers. In our distribution centers, staff with experienced hands and eyes make sure every flat of produce leaving Sun Belle provides our customers the best in value and quality. And Sun Belle operates a fleet of its own trucks to guarantee reliability.
Most of Sun Belle’s winter berries are grown by pioneering Chilean agronomist JULIO GIDDINGS on farms in Mexico, Chile and Argentina. These Sun Belle farms maintain exacting standards for quality and food safety and are investing heavily in identifying and bringing to market a future stream of superior berries.
Sun Belle is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. Attention to freshness and quality, expert handling from grower to customer, innovative packaging, high standards of service and safety and a focus on our customers’ growth are keys to our success.
Ian W. Grigg | Business Development | Sun Belle Inc.
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