Blueberry Study Takes Aim At Alzheimer’s and Other Age-Associated Illnesses
November 30, 2012

Blueberry Health Study scientists will present ten years of results at the University of Connecticut Health Fair on Oct. 24, at the Mansfield Senior Center from 1 to 4 p.m.

The Health Fair offers free blood pressure, blood glucose, BMI (body mass index) monitoring, oral health and nutrition education. The Blueberry Study table will also provide memory and hearing measurements.

Three members of the study team, including Mansfield Coordinator Howard Raphaelson and data administrator Rolf Martin, will answer questions and discuss plans to expand the longest ongoing blueberry study. The new strategy to prevent, delay or partly reverse memory and health decline is to intervene at multiple levels simultaneously, like a military operation with coordinated attacks from many sides.

Guest presenter Dr. Wes Ashford, Coordinator of National Memory Screening Day for the Alzheimer's Foundation of America will join the Blueberry Study presentation by conference call at 2:30 pm. Dr. Ashford will discuss Alzheimer's screening web sites that enable visitors to determine if they should or should not be concerned about memory problems from any cause.

For Health Fair and conference call information, visit or call 203-313-1088. Online slides and conference call lines are provided for those who are not able to attend the Oct. 24 Health Fair at Mansfield.

On Oct. 31 the Blueberry Health Study will celebrate ten years of results that link high antioxidant wild blueberries with improved decision speed and memory scores.

The conference call guest on the 31st will be Dr. Bruce Kristal of Brigham and Women's Hospital, a teaching affiliate of Harvard University in Boston. Dr. Kristal will discuss how illness and wellness can be predicted two to ten years in advance, giving individuals many years of opportunity to avoid predicted illnesses. Information about this event is also available at the study website.