Elifab-Ellips: Next-gen blueberry grading machinery and technology

Elifab provides growers and packers with an industry-leading blueberry grading
machine with gentle handling. Together with the advanced Ellips Grading
Technology it will make every blueberry count, season after season.


Maximize throughput with less labor

Give your packhouse the ability to accurately sort millions of individual
blueberries at exceptional speed without damaging the fruit. As everything is
automated, you’ll maximize your throughput with consistent quality and reduce
the need for workers.


Consistent, superior quality

Extract the most value from every batch and maintain your reputation for
quality with superior accuracy. High-tech cameras capture 30 images for every
single blueberry, resulting in near-perfect size, color separation, and highly
accurate sorting of defects such as softness, slipskin and shrivel


Extract max value from every blueberry

When it comes to growing blueberries, you’re the expert. And when it comes to
growing revenue, we know how to help. With our world-class software you’ll get
the most value from every single blueberry, by maximizing yields and reducing
food waste. Plus you’ll be able to meet specific customer demands such as
longer shelf-life berries or larger berries, strengthening your position as a
preferred supplier and achieving a faster return on your investment.


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This is how Dr. B’ optimizes throughput, quality and shelf life of blueberries.

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