Carsol Fruit

Carsol Fruit is a global blueberry producer with production sites in Chile, Peru and Portugal.

The company established in 1990 in Chile and focused in growing premium quality blueberries and has pioneered the development of the blueberry market in Chile. In the last years we invested in production in Peru and Portugal and we moved from a seasonal supplier to a year-round supplier. USA, UK, Europe and Asia are our main export destinations. Our focus on varieties, production techniques and organic fruit will give us the needed ingredients for future growth.

To serve our customers in Europe in the best possible way we have opened our office in The Netherlands in 2013. It’s our aim to supply our customers with the shortest possible supply chain and surprise them positively with our high quality products and in time deliveries. With this integrated approach we are able to help our customers with growing the blueberry category.

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