Berry Gardens Limited

Berry Gardens Limited

Berry Gardens is the UK’s leading berry and stone fruit production and marketing group, with sales of £200million and a market share in excess of 30%. 

We supply all of Britain’s leading retailers who work with us because of our passion for quality, varietal strength, innovation and our ability to supply 52 weeks a year.

We are wholly owned by growers across the UK from the South East of England to Scotland.  Founded over 40 years ago our co-operative roots mean we can promise honesty and openness in our dealings.  Berry Gardens’ customers also benefit from our relationship with Driscoll’s which gives us exclusive access to their proprietary varieties.

To deliver all year supply we have established relationships with like-minded international growers

We employ stringent quality management systems to ensure that we achieve consistent high quality whilst always striving for improvement and innovation in our supply chain. located across the globe including Spain, Portugal and Chile.

Our vision – to be Britain’s premier soft and stone fruit supplier,  for more information on our business please visit